7 March 2024

FinDatEx launches TPT Data Quality Survey

FinDatEx, is pleased to announce the commencement of the FinDatEx Data Quality Survey. Tailored specifically for fund managers, insurance companies, and service providers, this survey is designed to gather insights into data quality issues relevant to industry stakeholders.


Since 2015, fund associations in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria have produced the EU fund data template for Solvency II reporting. The EU datasheet supports and improves data exchange regarding the composition of fund portfolios between asset managers and insurance companies, making it easier for insurance companies to calculate the solvency capital required under the Solvency II regime (SCR calculation) using the standard formula. Since February 2019, maintenance and development of the EU data sheet for Solvency II has been organized by the Financial Data Exchange (FinDatEx).


The FinDatEx Solvency II Technical Working Group has decided to organise the first comprehensive Data Quality Survey on the template since the introduction in 2015 in order to gather insights into data quality issues pertinent to the industry stakeholders. This survey will be running until April 30th 2024. Fund managers, insurance companies, and service providers are encouraged to participate and contribute their valuable insights.


All responses should be submitted using the provided link here before the survey's deadline end of April, 2024. The survey is expected to take no more than 10 minutes to complete, ensuring minimal disruption to participants' schedules.


Following the conclusion of the survey, FinDatEx will organize a presentation of the results in May. This presentation will offer an opportunity for industry stakeholders to gain insights from the findings and engage in discussions regarding potential solutions and initiatives to address data quality challenges.


Participants’ input is crucial in shaping future initiatives aimed at enhancing data quality standards.


To participate in the survey and contribute to the advancement of data quality standards in the financial industry, please visit here.



Thank you for your participation and support.


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